IGO Launchpad Development
IGO Launchpad Development

Construct Your Fundraising Platform For NFT Games Through IGO Launchpad Development

IGO Launchpad Development is the process of creating a crowdsale platform for blockchain games, including blockchain gaming assets such as weapon skins, mystery boxes, and characters. Choosing a reputable IGO Development company is the most suitable way for entrepreneurs to launch an open-source platform where blockchain-based games can be listed to raise capital. 

What is IGO (Initial Game Offering)?

As previously stated, an IGO is a method used by blockchain game developers to crowdfund a game in its early stages. Before the public auction, early investors receive valuable in-game items and tokens at a significant discount.

Indeed, IGOs and ICOs are dissimilar. They concentrate primarily on the gaming industry. By providing their gaming projects through an IGO, developers can directly solicit funding from their audiences. The explosive growth of the blockchain gaming industry has consequently been fueled by the increasing popularity of this type of Launchpad.

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Advantages Of Initial Game Offerings

  • Enhances new NFT gaming projects
  • Permits entrepreneurs to obtain the necessary capital to launch their projects.
  • Facilitates the fundraising process
  • This results in practical NFT gaming projects.

What exactly is Launchpad?

In the crypto-world, Launchpads is the best way for a businessperson to germinate ideas in advance of their eventual success. Typically, the legendary services and products of the cryptoverses will begin on launchpads that helped them become the dominant market force.

It is a nucleus for projects with new scopes that aim to improve the crypto space. Launchpads host offerings or projects on their platform and make them accessible to users worldwide. Anyone with Internet access may invest in the project launched by Launchpad.

  • Depending on Launchpad Holding Requirements or Tiers Allocation Type, the Holder can enjoy the corresponding Benefits.
  • Platform Investment Return
  • The number of funds raised and the number of token issuance occasions
  • Determine how many token-generating events have occurred.
  • IGOs within the Gaming Sector

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The Model for Initial Gaming Offering Fundraising

Initial gaming offering (IGO) is a form of funding explicitly designed for non-traditional gaming projects. It resembles well-known crypto fundraising techniques such as ICO, IEO, IDO, etc. IGO is a new game funding concept that utilizes an IGO launchpad to get a project off the ground. Moreover, investors evaluate the project and, if it appears promising, join the IGO in exchange for in-game assets or tokens. Eventually, as the effort expands, early adopters or investors profit from the assets they own.

Features Of IGO Launchpad

Implementation of a Digital Wallet

Pay individuals or organizations in any currency from any location on the planet. Allow recipients to choose how they would like to receive their payments.

Flow Investing

Flow trading removes restrictions such as the cooling period. Those who wish to conduct an instantaneous transaction via IGO Launchpad platforms can do so directly.


We guarantee a white-label NFT gaming launchpad compatible with all popular blockchains, such as Cardano, Polygon, Binance, and Ethereum.

Pool of Automated Liquidity

Facilitates the creation of an automated liquidity pool for your IGO launchpad, allowing companies to contribute funds in exchange for returns.


IGO launchpad is entirely decentralized, which enables us to gain people’s trust by beginning transparently and keeping the source code publicly accessible. Every aspect of our Launchpad is accessible to the public for inspection.

Diverse Staking Models

Creates various stacking modules that enable all users to participate in IGOs, thereby providing users with a great ecosystem.

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We assume responsibility for optimization, which makes your IGO project feasible.

Fraud Prevention Methods

Your IGO launchpad is more reliable when you take precautions against fraud. Utilize anti-scam strategies that monitor proxy usage and other factors.

Multi-Chain Assistance

Multi-chain support improves interoperability, thereby facilitating inter-chain transfers.

Anti-Phishing Measures

With the incorporation of anti-spam measures to record proxy patterns, blacklists, etc., this feature lends credibility to your game’s crowdfunding platform.

Cross-Chain Exchange

This feature gives you an advantage in the blockchain industry by allowing users to trade tokens across blockchains.

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KYC in IGO launchpad enables the provision of assured privacy and the prevention of fraudulent activities.

IGO Launchpad – Summary

IGO launchpad enables the creation of creative fundraising projects and the launch of blockchain and NFT games. Each IGO launchpad is functionally unique and can be deployed on any blockchain, including BNB Chain, Ethereum, Cardano, and others. Since the introduction of the IGO launchpad, the gaming industry has experienced a rapid increase in growth and popularity. This opportunity has been capitalized upon by enterprise and business enthusiasts.

By the end of 2022, blockchain games launched on the IGO launchpad will have accumulated $6 billion. People started accelerating its growth by establishing IGO launchpads on multiple blockchains.

IGO’s Future and IGO Launchpads

IGO and NFT gaming platforms are getting off the ground, and we are at the forefront of providing a platform to launch them. Notably, IGO will expand more rapidly than other platforms. The gaming industry has a long way to go regarding technological prediction. Consequently, IGO and IGO launchpads will be in high demand in the future. Creating your own IGO launchpad is the superior option. Create it with us.

IGO launchpad Clone solutions

GameFi: Our Gamefi clone script enables you to launch a gaming launchpad with minimal effort. A GameFi clone can perform various gaming tasks, including staking, yield farming, etc.

SeediFy: Seedify clone is a crowdfunding platform designed to assist entrepreneurs in launching prosperous blockchain businesses.

GameStarter: GameStarter clone can be used to create a fully scalable gaming environment.

Binance Launchpad: The Binance launchpad clone provides an exclusive mechanism for launching a new token and raising funds in the blockchain ecosystem.

EnjinStarter: Enjinstarter clone creates a cross-chain compatible launchpad by focusing on multiple major, scalable gaming platforms.

Last Words

IGO development creates a gaming launching pad for gamers interested in acquiring gaming assets. It is possible to start a business through the creation of game launchpads. Offering incentives to players who generate new ideas and investors who wish to invest in IGO launchpads could result in a substantial investment.

If you intend to create an IGO launchpad, you can discuss your requirements with one of the best launchpad development company and get started with your software.