How To Develop NFT Like Cryptopunks Clone Script

How To Develop NFT Like Cryptopunks Clone Script

The leading age is revolutionizing technology and inventing everything possible in this era of digitization, specifically in the finance sector. The evolution of crypto-assets is important to get into the notice of everyone else, while people using the crypto punks could make their valuable trading securely through non-fungible tokens (NFT ).

Cryptopunks clone script is a white label NFT marketplace script that allows 10000+ combinations of NFTs reserved on the ethereum blockchain for users through a single window. A blockchain-based NFT has the collectibles contributing fractional ownership similar to crypto punks. 

The crypto punks clone script is entirely designed to include all the features of crypto punks, hence, attracting the crypto punks similar to the enthusiasts of the NFT marketplace.  

Now let’s get into the details and get the full information of crypto punks. Read ahead to get the crypto punks clone script for your profitable collectible development for business. 

Definition of cryptopunks 

Cryptopunks have a collection of 10000+ crypto arts characterized in NFTs with different features on the ethereum blockchain. They are 8-bit style punks that became a famous NFT  project and inspired more digital content creators to develop NFTs. 

It was invented by Matt Hall and John Watkinson in a New-york-based Larva Labs in the year 2017 and became popular in 2021. Cryptopunks is a cryptocurrency variant, but not as it is like bitcoin or BNB. The 10000 crypto punks are not similar as they are unique, and out of them, there are 6039 males and 3840 females.

Cryptopunks clone 

It is entirely designed to customize it and is technically coded to develop an NFT marketplace that provides the trade of token or digital collectibles like crypto punks. Cryptopunks NFT clones allow artists to create their crypto punk-like art and tokenize it with a 721 or 1155 NFT  Token standard. 

How it was developed 

The standard interface of developing other fungible tokens is “ERC-20,” i.e., interchangeable tokens. Subsequently, there are no particular criteria related to the Ethereum network for creating nonfungible tokens. There was a need to modify the existing code of the ERC-20  standard, which is developing a separate ethereum standard ERC -721. 

Statistics for the cryptopunks 2022

The previous year saw the emergence of metaverse and NFTs. The convention of NFT is continuing in 2022, and there is no pause. 

  • The NFT market became a billion-dollar industry, including many NFT assets sold for millions of dollars. 
  • Cryptopunks became the world’s largest collection of NFTs in terms of total sales of $2.32 billion. 
  • The collection of crypto punks is about 7523, the most expensive punk in the entire collection, sold for about $11.75 million at a Sotheby’s auction.

How to develop an algorithmically generated NFT as cryptopunks

The process of building an NFT marketplace like crypto punk can be developed using two modes: creating the NFT collectibles from the bottom to delivering them to the end services of the crypto punks. 

The second method includes opting the crypto punks clone script to build crypto punk clones and delivering functionalities like crypto punks and getting collectible experience through certain definite source codes giving compliance with numerous platforms and wallets in trends. 

The cryptopunk marketplace clone script

In the exclusive arena to promote the crypto punk marketplace clone script, listing the effective collectibles in the form of punks is necessary. Many leading NFT development companies can create various crypto punk clone scripts that can have the ability to work on various blockchains like ethereum, binance smart chain, polygon, Solana and Cardona, etc. 

Features of cryptopunk clone script

The cryptopunk clone script avail itself as the better collectible platform over the ethereum blockchain network . some of the definite points to consider are as followed:- 

  • The creation of characters 
  • Encouragement for modern NFTs
  • All time active overall stats
  • Description wise sorting
  • Wholly decentralized codes 
  • Immutable source codes
  • Empowers various digital collectibles 
  • Code authenticity and security

The working of cryptopunk clone

The basic concept behind the crypto punks clone script is the control of assets and the modes to avail them. The ownership of the assets, which is demonstrated by the use of the ethereum blockchain network, is the base architecture. Ethereum is chargeable for its validity on transactions taking place over it. 

Codes are mentioned for each crypto punk made accessible to be traded off in the marketplace. These codes are generally compiled in a decentralized manner to be easily traded with anyone. 

Steps  to buy a punk

  • Install chrome extension of the metamask to get into the ethereum blockchain.
  • Now fund the wallet for starters.
  • The platform would verify Ether
  • After the verification , the platform adds bid , buy and sell choices . 

Advantages of creating digital collectible NFTs like cryptopunk

  •  High revenue
  • Authority rights 
  • Trouble free trading
  • Transparency
  • Authenticity 
  • The revenue stream 

Components of cryptopunks clone script 

Accurate marketplace stats

  • Overall stats
  • Biggest stats
  • Current transaction
  • For sale
  • Bids on punks
  • Punks out for sale
  • Wrapped punks 

Marketplace status 

  • Blue background 

Under blue background the punks are not there for trade at that time , without sale and active bids.

  • Red background

Punks in this list are under the available category for sale and can do the effective trade-offs

  • Purple background

These punks in the purple marketplace process a specific bid over them and get traded once the bid gets closed. 

Marketplace working

The collectibles are sizing up and acquiring a huge space over the blockchain network. Considering this, the collectibles are assortments to avail, resulting through composite images of the punks fixed into the contract. 

Further, these punks can be verified on the SHA256 for their authenticity, which is operated based on the ERC20 tokens. 

The stats for building an NFT like cryptopunks 

  • The initial punks – 10000
  • Highest paid punk- 7.57M USD 
  • Lowest paid punk – 39,000.65 USD
  • Average recent open bid- 3,641.63USD
  • Average bid last year- 62, 690.62USD
  • Total value of current bids – 2,647,463.69USD
  • Most recent bids- 727
  • Most recent sales- 13,860


Cryptopunk clone script is sorted and developed for art lovers through the NFT  exposure. The quality and quantity of its services are way beyond better. After you have gone through the whole blog, you can go ahead and experience the power of digital assets by creating Cryptopunks like NFT digital collectibles.