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Metaverse Revolution in the Fashion Industry

“When you try to revolutionize fashion, then you are changing the perspective of living it.” Getting into the metaverse would be a switch towards the virtual reality that we will experience soon. Digital tools have misled our senses into perceptual and visual episodes, and preferably this could apply to other senses as well. 

In reality, you have watched yourself trying the clothes physically or getting the goods from the store by visiting it personally. These things now will be performed in a whole different manner in the world of the metaverse. Particularly, the virtual world is growing rapidly, with the activity of organizing everything online, whether concerts or meetings. And styling yourself takes more time because it somehow represents your personality. Fashion entering into the metaverse might take you the way of getting things ready within seconds. 

The platforms in the virtual world will have digital identities, avatars, and inventories that can be taken anywhere easily as per your wish. Now let’s get to the fashion world in the form of a metaverse landscape.

Metaverse vogue

If you are the fashion geek and visualize how a cloth will shape you, the metaverse will indeed convert the way of doing it. For instance,  you would interact with the piece of clothing virtually by taking a 360-degree view of it. Even you can zoom in to the smallest details of the product, which you couldn’t see on the pictures uploaded on the website. Consumers now have the opportunity to try on clothes by putting them on their photos of themselves. 

Lately, the fashion industry has been concentrating on combining the physical with digital and has been working on it, bringing the three  aspects of digital fashion :

1- Phygital –  when digital fashion gets contained to produce physical garments. 

 2- Physical and digital merged – when the digital fashion allows the person to wear by attaining it virtually.

3- Entirely digital – includes selling the digital fashion directly to an avatar. 

Especially for the tycoons in the fashion line and their leading brands are blending in with the transition of technology. Getting the more creative output, so the designers and brands could know how they can have the expertise over the customer base and digital tools. And now, merging the video game industry with fashion is a step towards the virtuality getting induced in our world. 

Big fashion houses must collaborate with the gaming industry, as it will boom their economy and build the connection with the Genz generation in the coming days. 

For your better understanding, in 2019, Louis Vuitton contracted with riot games and designed original skins for the league of legends and also produced a fashion collection from the game, which would cost you around $170 for a bandeau to $5k for a leather jacket. Recently, Balenciaga launched their autumn collection in the form of video games. In addition, they also partnered with Fortnite, creating products for the game and the stores. 

Also, Burberry and Tencent are operating together for its Honor of Kings characters’ skins. Most of these joint ventures provide buyers a chance to get their hands on a physical garment for a limited time. 

Fabricant, a company that precisely seizes the metaverse, is also an early adopter. It operates alongside the Cryptokitties designing the Iridescence dresses, the exclusive digital dress sold in 2019 for $9500 at an auction. Giving hope to the real-life novel dress version based on blockchain technology was created digitally with real-life materials. 

Carlings, a retailer and a brand who released its “the last statement “ tshirt displaying various political messages through a phone, but remain as it is to the naked eye. 


It’s almost relatable, of course, if you have seen the prominent Instagram influencer “Miquela Sousa,” who has often posted about her life on either TikTok or Instagram in branded clothes in an avatar. This particular avatar is managed by “Brud,” a Los Angeles-based startup specializing in artificial intelligence and robotics. 

 Further, the freckle-faced teenager has over two million followers on Instagram and a combined 1.5 million streams on Spotify for two single in the pop genre.


The metaverse would somehow be going to have its reaction all over the industries or fields starting from the fashion, which you have just read above . this digitization of vogue is without a doubt fascinating as we will be entering into it gradually. Although the concept of making everything digital, whether it is wearing clothes or attending concerts or meetings virtually,  would not have the same feeling as it is now. Expecting that you can feel the fabric of clothes or see it from your naked eyes would not be the same process in the metaverse. Though it can be a great experience for us who can’t afford to get in places physically, especially for sluggish people, this could be a luxurious change together.