Crypto Exchange Promotion

Proven Method For Promoting Your Crypto Exchange

If you wish to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies, opening an account on a cryptocurrency exchange is the best way to get started. A marketing campaign is used to promote a cryptocurrency exchange that may engage in various significant activities, such as brand promotion, direct advertising promoting user activity, and functionality enhancement.

Since we are discussing crypto’s functionalities, it is comparable to online brokerage platforms because it provides the necessary tools to buy and sell virtual currencies and tokens such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin. Considering supported assets, Security, fees, and payment methods is essential when deciding on a cryptocurrency exchange.

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Let’s understand it better with more details –

Marketing And Branding

Here is the best alternative to hiring a paid marketing service for those with little knowledge of online marketing strategies. These services can be provided by numerous online platforms, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others. Essentially, it entails displaying advertisements, banners, videos, etc., for your cryptocurrency on established websites to obtain traffic from them.

This section contains a variety of activities designed to attract new users and increase the total number of users. Management can delegate some tasks, while others can be contracted out to specialists in virtual promotion campaigns and advertisements. Let’s consider them independently –

Early planning and goal-setting: This is one of the initial and most obvious points. Before introducing a campaign, you must explain its objectives; however, these objectives are not always readily apparent. This procedure was entirely dependent on the business owners and executive management. According to their position, they must comprehend the market’s diversity, customers’ needs, and the product’s final appearance in the future. Based on the facts, outsourcing this task is unrealistic.

Awareness Campaign: This campaign refers to promoting and expanding any relevant content regarding the cryptocurrency exchange. This campaign is essentially a paid form of advertising in which you can promote your products or services on other popular websites in the same geographic area using a variety of display items, including video, images, audio, text, and flash. In this section, three activities could be elaborated upon.

Expansion of a marketing strategy: This can be accomplished by analyzing the performance of competing trades and conducting surveys of target customer groups, including cryptocurrency holders, traders, and prospective customers. It is essential to recognize that the procedure for assembling information may vary to the extent that no one, not even the business owners themselves, can comprehend it better than what is appropriate for their product.

Information content creation: Creating content for a business typically begins with a semantic core, a systematic search of words, their morphological forms, and the phrases that best describe your industry. It may appear to be a difficult task because, when creating a core, you must include sufficient keywords while ensuring that the content on your pages does not appear to be overstuffed.

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The next step is to write and publish the content.

Execution of SEO: This point is derived from the most recent ones that create an indexable landing page and optimize conversions. This work primarily depends on the outcomes of keyword analysis and user behavior.

Promotion And Publicity: In the context of advertising, it refers to several paid activities to promote your exchange on whatever platforms you deem appropriate.

Working with media partners entails writing and publishing press releases and articles about the exchange on renowned crypto news and analytic websites.

Cooperation with influencers: At present, influencers are essential traders, and crypto bloggers (consisting of video -bloggers, YouTube) promote the exchange.

This case may involve a/b testing, geo-targeted rotations for specific users, and contextual advertising.

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Affiliate programs: may include Cost Per Action (CPA) networks, intermediary advertising systems, and behavioral targeting.

Event-Driven PR: You can use renowned news and public relations services to promote your upcoming digital currency. As you are aware, numerous online Press Release websites, including some cryptocurrency-specific PR firms, allow users to publish news and updates about new coins. Innumerable readers are constantly on the lookout for market-related information about new cryptocurrencies. This will help you build a network of interested users and investors.

This section may include any action that has been combined with an event for which your exchange has provided a news hook.

You may assign a team of crypto exchange development company to a conference, discussion platform, forum, or hackathon, or you may sponsor an event yourself.

Publish the most recent instrument records to the exchange (Coinmarketcap and other platforms) – However, this information must be made public as quickly as possible.

Developing technology partnerships – amalgamation of payment services and systems, AML/KYC identity providers, cryptocurrencies, etc. – is the topic of discussion. All new and established partners enhance the significance of your exchange.

Preheating The User Base

In the meantime, the users of your exchange can assist you with your company’s PR campaign. There are many ways to acquire this.

Managing The Behavior Of Users

Contrary to popular belief, users can be arranged to advance multiple activities if the procedure is made mutually beneficial. A competitive basis is most appropriate here:

Carrying out Partnership Projects

The reward program is the best example of this platform’s onboarding process. This incentive program allows you to acquire blockchain startup tokens without spending your own money. An organization that pursues an ICO offers to perform specific actions to promote the startup and attract new users in exchange for tokens.

Email bulletins

This is an additional method of direct marketing. Relying on the quality of email marketing campaigns can achieve remarkable results. This email marketing entails sending targeted emails to specific individuals regarding the launch of a new product, special offers, etc. This may be the most effective way to spread the word about your new coin. However, you must first create an email list and then add only users who may be interested in your product. And finally, you can hire email marketing services or activate email marketing software. It has been tested and shown to be an effective method for keeping your user base engaged; however, there is a catch: email newsletters should not be annoying, as there is a fine line between informing and annoying. Make a list of all dos and don’ts, and set a limit for your newsletter and mailing frequency for different user categories.

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Display Campaigns

A display campaign is a form of paid advertising that allows you to promote your products or services on other popular websites in a similar niche through multiple display items such as videos, images, audio, text, and flash. Therefore, numerous cryptocurrency startups employ this method to promote their new coins to a large number of interested users on appropriate websites.

Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising in which affiliates direct traffic or visitors to your website or blog in exchange for a commission.

In this marketing, you must first initiate an affiliate campaign on your cryptocurrency website. You will commission affiliates who generate new signups (or other actions) through their marketing efforts.

Because they know more people and have better networks than you, these professional affiliates can help you generate more traffic to your website.

Reputation Administration

In addition to creating and managing a positive reputation for the target company, an online reputation management company is also responsible for eliminating any unfavorable promotion.

While you are creating a new cryptocoin, your competitors may have been planning to destroy your brand’s reputation regardless. Consequently, you can create a positive public perception of your brand’s offerings through effective management of your brand’s reputation. Similarly, numerous other online marketing strategies can help you promote your cryptocurrency and ICO in your target market.

Influence Promotion

This influencer marketing strategy is another prime-centric tactic utilized in cryptocurrency marketing. This type of marketing involves specifics within the blockchain community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who have insight into the potential and value of cryptocurrencies and projects. In the meantime, influencers in the cryptocurrency spectrum are similar to those in any other Web community, using multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to stir the material that focuses on crypto projects and the web subculture that has emerged across the spectrum.

Notifications Push

This push notification is typically used to send text messages directly to the user’s mobile device. It may be displayed in the mobile device’s upper portion or on the lock screen. However, app publishers can only send push notifications to users who have installed their app. If you have enabled push notifications for the procedure, the app publisher can send them at any time.

This could be considered an additional effective tool for engaging users in an app or re-engaging users with higher in-app conversion rates and lower acquisition costs than new users.

Developing The Capabilities Of Your Exchange

The PR campaign focuses on your interactions and opportunities. Effective work promotion relies on the timely modification of existing characteristics and the incorporation of new ones by user preferences and market conditions. Therefore, your efforts may be in vain if this foundation is abandoned.

For your transactions, the software provider and their ability to respond to your request immediately take precedence.

Developing The Trading Knowledge

This section includes everything that can expand your users’ trading toolkit and provide them with a variety of strategy options, including new coins, order types, and trading tools ( e.g., trading advisors). Additionally, this may involve expanding investment opportunities, including new structures, indices, and the future.

Increasing Deposit And Withdrawal Alternatives

Extending the connection between payment systems and crypto processing services demonstrates your concern for your customers. They will appreciate this innovation.

Developing ICO Capabilities

This section includes an illustration of utility tokens, which grant users access to a company’s services or products later.

Everything Condensed To A Nut

Spending a substantial amount on your exchanges’ promotion and advertising can directly impact the project’s future return on investment and profitability. Any PR campaign, however, would require the assistance of a professional who can cater to the needs of your target audience and provide a vast array of services and tools.